iPhone 5 set for an October Release

According to Digitimes, manufacturers and suppliers of the iPhone 5 say that Apple is set for an October launch. Digitimes also states that Apple will be releasing the iPad 3 alongside the iPhone 5. Continue reading


The iPhone 5 to be released in the Fall


Apple recently announced at their WWDC event that they are releasing iOS 5 and iCloud in the fall. Apple has historically released their phones alongside new software so it is likely that a new iPhone will be released with iOS . This means that the iPhone 5, or 4S, will likely be released in the Fall. Whether it will be a fully remodeled phone or just a slight upgrade is still unclear. However, some of the rumored and highly anticipated changes that may come with the new iPhone are a 4″ screen, tapered back design similar to how the Mac Book Air gets slimmer towards the front, aluminum back, and the A5 processor. Post what you think Apple is most likely to do, or anything about the iPhone 5.