iPhone 5 set for an October Release

According to Digitimes, manufacturers and suppliers of the iPhone 5 say that Apple is set for an October launch. Digitimes also states that Apple will be releasing the iPad 3 alongside the iPhone 5. The iPhone is expected to have the A5 processor, an 8 megapixel camera, a 3.7″ screen, and the flash will be moved to the other side of the iPhone to reduce red eye. Little has been released about the iPad 3, and most analysts didn’t predict a release until around February 2012. I would expect that the iPad 3 will have a retina display, improved rear and front camera as well as a flash, hopefully Adobe Flash Player, and potentially a faster processor. A side by side release would be probable seeing as Apple is planning on releasing it’s iOS 5 software in early fall, which will be used by both products.

I expect that these reports are accurate as Apple has always released a new iOS software alongside a new product. Analysts have been predicting a September release for the iPhone 5, but a Fall release alongside the iOS 5 release would make more sense. Also, seeing as the new iOS is the 5th installment it would make sense that the 5th iPhone been released with it. Unfortunately I don’t expect the iPhone 5 to have the coveted 4G LTE chip. The iPhone 5 will most likely be a model upgrade like that of the iPhone 3GS. I don’t expect any design changes apart from a potentially larger screen. Either way stay tuned for the latest in iPhone and Apple news.


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