Uncharted 3

Release Date

November 1, 2011


Uncharted 3’s story centers on the Sands of Arabia, a lost trade post that is supposedly filled with riches. Victor Sullivan, Drake’s closest pal will return and seemingly play a bigger role in this game than the previous two. Drake’s nemesis in the game is Katherine Marlowe who is the leader of an ancient cabal, and the two seem to have met before but to what extent we are not sure. The game will not just take place in Arabia, like Uncharted 2 Drake will be going around the world to places like London and France.

Single Player

– Drake will be going around the world to places like London and France

– Victor Sullivan will play a larger role in the game, there will be moments where you have to protect one another or use the other to get out of a tricky situation (see video below)

– Villainess is the leader of a cabal and it seems she and Drake have met before

– Spectacular environments and lighting

– New combat, jumping assassinations and a more evolved combat system

– Gravity on objects, as you jump onto chandeliers they move and wobble

– 3D compatible


Uncharted 3’s multiplayer is jumping leaps and bounds beyond that of Uncharted 2’s multiplayer. Naughty Dog is adding a much requested split-screen multiplayer option as well of tons of customization. To begin with players can now select a character from either the hero or villain class, players will rotate playing each class from game to game and this has no affect on gameplay merely cosmetic, and can customize features on that character. For instance, you can choose to play as Nathan Drake and have him hear aviators and a baseball hat, but customization of character goes further than that. Choose a taunt that your character can do, customize an emblem for your character and if you are the top player in a match your emblem will be displayed throughout the map. Uncharted 3 is adding elements like this that will make you feel more accomplished in your domination online.

Now onto weapons and weapon customization one of the most essential pieces of online multiplayer. Players can now create a loadout selecting a primary weapon and secondary weapon as well as medal kickbacks and perks. Medal kickbacks activate after a certain amount of medals are reached in a match.You can get medals by doing things like getting three kills without dying or killing an enemy while hanging on a wall. Procuring the necessary medals allows you to get a medal kickback, one kickback allows you to instantly spawn an RPG. The starting primary weapons include the notorious AK-47, GMAL, and Dragunov. You can then customize these weapons changing sights, gun butts, barrels and more. The secondary weapons you can choose from are pistols ranging from your standard semi-automatic to the pistole, a double barreled pistol-shotgun.

Naughty Dog has promised that Uncharted 3’s multiplayer will feature maps that are cinematic and exciting like Uncharted’s amazing single player mode. One of the maps has villains on trucks chasing a plane, with the heroes, taking off of a runway. The side that is on the plane when it takes off receives a medal, but the match isn’t over yet as players move on to a military air base and finish the battle there. Uncharted 3 promises many of its maps to be as cinematic as this. Uncharted has also revamped it’s multiplayer menus. Players can now continue to check out new unlocked features and customize loadouts while in a matchmaking menu, which wasn’t allowed in Uncharted 2’s multiplayer. After matches and in the multiplayer there is a highlight reel in the bottom right hand corner of the screen showing off some of the coolest stuff happening in multiplayer on that day or in the match you just played. When you enter into multiplayer you see your character standing in front of a flag with your emblem on it. After teams are selected for a match you see our teammates characters appear around yours. Its simple touches like this that make Uncharted 3 one of the finest and most polished multiplayer experiences you can find in gaming today.


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