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Nuance Reveals Edge to Edge iPhone 5 Screen

Nuance Technologies revealed screenshots of two iphones, one an iPhone 4 and another an edge to edge screen iPhone, running one of their apps. Could this mean that the next iPhone will have an edgeless screen?

Apple Possibly Releasing iPhone 5 in the Fall

Apple has just showed off it’s new software for it’s handheld devices and tablets. Apple has announced that iOS 5 will be released in the fall. Apple has been known to release its new iOS software alongside a new piece of hardware, just like the iPhone 4 was released when iOS 4 came out. It is very likely that the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, which model is yet to be determined, will be launched with some new hardware.

Quick Overview of iOS5

– Notification Center: All your updates in one place, texts, new mail, calendar, and other new messages are all displayed on an easy to navigate screen. New notifications pop up on the top of you screen.

– Camera: You can now take a picture even when your phone is locked simply click the volume button which acts as the shutter button, and you can pinch to zoom and tap to focus from the lock screen.

– Wi-Fi Sync: Your phone, iPad, or iPod Touch can wirelessly syncs and backs up content to iTunes. This means you no longer have to plug your device into your computer. iOS 5 compatible devices also wirelessly sync when they are plugged in.

– Reminders: New to-do list for your Apple devices, it is an easy to read list where you can check off the things you’ve finished.

– News Stand: This acts as a place where you can view all of our magazine and newspaper subscriptions and if you don’t have any you can subscribe to any magazine or newspaper you want.

– Safari: Safari will feature an easy way to read articles on the web without ads or the other clutter on websites.

– iOS 5 is compatible with: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th Generation, iPad, and iPad 2

Details on the Next iPhone

The iPhone 5 is coming, but when? There has been a ton of speculation about when the iPhone 5 is going to be released, and in what capacity is it coming. Will it be a fully fleshed out next generation phone, or will it hold many of the same traits as the iPhone 4? The image to the right is a mockup of what the iPhone 5 could look like with a 3.7″ screen and a tapered back similar to the Mac Book Air. Some sources, such as 9to5 Mac, say that the iPhone 5 will actually be the iPhone 4S. The major upgrades for the phone are expected to be an 8 megapixel camera, the new A5 chip, and a 3.7″ screen which would mean an edgeless screen much like the one shown above. Digitimes believes that Apple will begin production in August and release the iPhone in September. This would offset Apple’s current tradition of a June release which all the past iPhones have been.

Why the Delay?

The reason the release has been delayed a few months is potentially because Apple has also partnered with Verizon, and there are rumors that Apple will add Sprint to the list of carriers for the iPhone. Production could be delayed further if Apple wants to include the LTE chip in the iPhone, this will enable the iPhone to have 4G. The big difference with 4G is that you will be able to stream video much faster than on 3G. If Apple decides to include the LTE chip the phone could be delayed until 2012. However, if this happens it is more likely that Apple would release the iPhone 4S with minor changes, and hold the iPhone 5 until 2012 where it would have a makeover similar to the picture above with the LTE chip. A chinese website that sells iPhone cases says it has the new case design for the iPhone, which shows the flash being moved to the right side on the back of the iPhone. The site also claims that the phone will have the edgeless screen, but this seems hard to prove based solely on the design of the case, and being that the case covers the front the same way on the current iPhone 4.

Curved Glass Screen

Apple has supposedly purchases 200-300 glass cutting machine so they can make curved screens. The curved screen design will supposedly contour to the user’s face and will be easier for the user to hold.

Apple’s New Partnership

Apple has also partnered with Nuance, a company that develops voice recognition software. This means that we can expect to see new and maybe more intuitive voice commands and controls on the iPhone. Apple used Microsoft voice recognition software on the previous iPhones, and feels that they can not adequately compete with the Android phones that use Google’s voice recognition software.

The Most Unlikely Rumors

The last few interesting tidbits of information on the iPhone are a new home screen button, and the potential for two versions of the iPhone 5 to be released. You may have noticed in the picture at the beginning of the article that the home screen button is much wider than on the iPhone 4. The new button would act as the home screen button as well as a gesture area for new commands. This seems more plausible than Apple releasing two versions of the iPhone. However, recently an Apple supplier said Apple has been ordering two sets of every component in different quality. This would mean Apple would release the iPhone in a similar fashion to the mac book, being that there is a pro version and a standard version. However, I think this is false as I don’t see how Apple would vary the quality of iPhones.

The Most Plausible iPhone to be Released

I think that the most plausible version of the iPhone to be released is the iPhone 4S. I believe it will have the new A5 chip, the 3.7″ edgeless screen, an 8 megapixel camera, and an increase in memory from 16GB to 32GB, and 64GB for the more expensive model. I think Apple will keep the current design of the iPhone and save any makeovers for the iPhone 5, which i believe will have the LTE chip allowing 4G speed, an aluminum back, and a thinner profile.


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