Infamous 2

Release Date

June 7, 2011


In Infamous 2 you again play as Cole, a regular guy until he delivered a package that detonated and gave him electrical powers. In Infamous 2 you will have more than just electrical powers as Cole travels to New Marais to gain more powers and find a scientist who will help him defeat The Beast, a mysterious dark monster that is threatening to destroy mankind. Join Cole in this epic action adventure game and help save mankind.

In-Depth Look

Infamous 2 is a single player game, but it allows you to create new missions and see what other players in the community are making. You will start the game back in Empire City when an explosion rips through the city. The beast has come, and it has destroyed Empire City and will continue devouring everything in its path. Cole decides to head to New Marais to build up his powers and find a scientist who will be able to help him take down the beast. Some of the powers you gain include ice and fire, and you will also be given a melee weapon creating an awesome variety of combat.

New Powers

Cole will receive a variety of new powers ranging from electricity to ice. One great new power allows Cole to lift cars and hurl them at enemies, another allows him to shoot bolts of electricity like a machine gun. You will no longer have to travel through the sewer systems in order to earn powers like in the first game, but instead you earn them by getting power crystals.

Melee Combat

Melee combat has been added to Infamous 2 and adds a new layer to the combat system. There are tons of moves you can perform with the prod like weapon, and it provides a satisfying new way to take down the enemy.

User Generated Content

Infamous 2 allows players to now create their own missions and show them off to everyone else in the community. The top rated missions are displayed all over New Marais and players can quickly jump into a user created mission. There is no limit to what players will be able to create and this adds a great amount of re-playability to the game.

Destructible Environments

Destructible environments have been added to Infamous 2. Players can take down balconies, crates, and wooden structures with some of the more powerful abilities you will master.

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