Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Release Date

November 11, 2011


Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is a massive open-world RPG, and the sequel to Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. You play as the last dragon-born, someone capable of felling dragons and learning their powers. Players will be able to choose their character and customize their skills and class. Explore the massive world of Skyrim from the snowy mountains to the dark dungeons. Throughout the game you will encounter dragons, these epic battles will test your character to his very limits. Skyrim is packed full of wonderful environments and beautiful effects and promises to be one of the best games of the year.

Changes in Skyrim

– Dragons will be added to Skyrim, they will randomly appear and battle you. Killing a dragon will be very rewarding but they will be the hardest battles you have to fight in the game. You can learn dragon language, which gives you powerful spells. Find these spells in select dungeons throughout Skyrim.

– There are different types of environments in Skyrim, ranging from dark mountains to glaciers. There will also be five major cities along with 8 or 9 towns, and about 120 dungeons to explore. These dungeons will vary in style so it wont feel like the same old dark rocky dungeons we are used to.

– There are new story elements called Radiant AI. This technology is used for miscellaneous small quests to the larger more meaningful quests in the story. An example of a larger quest if they wanted that mission to have someone that hates you they would pair someone in the game that dislikes you. Say you always avoid fighting dragons the game will soon include a quest where you have to fight a dragon.

– The skills in Skyrim have been changes and slimmed down. There are no longer 8 attributes but three. These three are health for hit points, magicka for magic, and stamina for physical movement and attacks. There are no longer 21 skills but 18. Using certain skills will level up your character and the higher level a skill is the more experience you gain from leveling that skill up.

– Brand new game engine that features sharper and more detailed textures and environments, and every object now casts a shadow. There are fantastic new environments with snowy mountains and lush forests. The new game engine has more detailed character models as well and the game looks absolutely stunning.


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