BioShock: Infinite

Release Date



BioShock Infinite throws you into the shoes of Booker DeWitt, a private detective tasked with finding Elizabeth. She is living on a flying city called Columbia, a city which once represented everything America has to offer and a symbol of power. A giant monster has been protecting Elizabeth and has her locked up. The monster is a giant metal machine that looks like a bird. Getting Elizabeth out of Columbia will be no easy task, but you are equipped with some powers from tonics you take and Elizabeth herself has powers that will help you and her escape this city.

New Gameplay Details

– Tonics: you will have powers on one hand that you get from using tonics and get powers such as ice, lightning, and telekinesis.

– Combat with Elizabeth: you will use Elizabeth and her powers with your tonics to create even more powerful attacks.

– Sky Hook: this is a tool that is attached to your hand that allows you to travel through the city of Columbia on these rail systems in the sky. The tool doubles as a melee weapon.


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