Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3

Will Modern Warfare 3 be better than Battlefield 3, and will it beat out Battlefield 3 in sales? Modern Warfare 3 has recently been announced and will be released November 8, 2011. It is set to be an action packed thriller that will take place throughout the globe in places like Manhattan and Paris. This title will tie up the current story line of Soap McTavish. Along with the single player campaign there will also be two co-op modes: Spec Ops and a Survival Mode yet to be revealed. Spec Ops will have improved features such as online support, perks, and leaderboards. The last mode and more than likely the biggest mode is multiplayer, which of course will have some revamped features one of which will be team perks, which as it sounds bring benefits to the entire team. Not much yet has been revealed besides some teaser trailers and a single player gameplay demo of the campaign, this level taking place in Manhattan is a fast paced tear from an underwater assault on a submarine to a helicopter assault through the skyscrapers of the city.

Battlefield 3 is gearing up to take back the crown as the must-have FPS. They are pushing a competitive release date of October 25, 2011 which may steal some sales from MW3. The game is also boasting the most impressive graphics of any FPS today with the award wining Frost Bite 2.0 engine. There will be destructible environments throughout the game, fantastic lighting, unbelievable character definition, and amazingly detailed environments. The game isn’t just using beauty alone to lure gamers, from the gameplay seen this looks to be an action packed campaign taking you into the cities of the Middle East for close quarter assaults and rooftop shootouts to the deserts where you command a squad of tanks and call predator strikes on hostile targets. The campaign will also be co-op so grab a friend for this sure to be unforgettable experience. Battlefield 3 will have a multiplayer mode as well packed with weapon and character customization, and plenty of vehicles to take down surrounding buildings or enemy forces.

Each game is set to do battle with one another. Battlefield 3 will be at a disadvantage though as Call of Duty has been the premiere series for First Person Shooters, and brand name alone will have players flocking to buy the title. However, I wouldn’t discount Battlefield 3 as it features the most incredible game engine to date and amazing gameplay to boot. Each has comparable game modes both featuring single player campaign, EA stating that Battlefield 3 will have a co-op campaign and nothing being states from Activision about a co-op campaign. However, Modern Warfare will have its own co-op in the likes of Spec Ops and a Survival mode, and each will have its respective multiplayer mode. At this point its hard to say which game will be better, but Battlefield 3 has certainly caught my eye and with Modern Warfare 3 being the 5th title in the modern series(World at War and Black Ops being near knock offs with the multiplayer mode) I am not sure if Modern Warfare 3 has what it takes to keep the series feeling fresh and new, especially the multiplayer which has gotten pretty stale and repetitive over the past couple years.

What do you think, who will win the FPS battle?


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